The Instituto de Embalagens prepared its 17th book with the objective of being a reference as source for information on corrugated packaging. The content of the bilingual publication (Portuguese-English) was developed with the technical support of the Brazilian Association of Corrugated Board (ABPO).

There was a lack of literature on this topic around the world, so the proposal was to produce a book with technical information and marketing approach. This book is part of the “Better Packaging Better World. Embalagem Melhor Mundo Melhor” collection.

The corrugated paper packaging is also gaining strength as primary packaging, it is a reference in transport packaging and responsible for “loading” all other packaging (the primary ones). It is decisive for ensuring the integrity of products and reducing losses.

In addition to presenting technical information, trends and innovation in the sector, the publication highlights the positive characteristics of corrugated paper packaging, including sustainability properties. Since corrugated paper packaging is completely recyclable, biodegradable and renewable.

Better Corrugated Paper Packaging, Better World.

Performing a key role in the education, research, and dissemination of information about the packaging market in Brazil, Instituto de Embalagens was created in 2005 with the vision of being the center of knowledge about packaging in the country.

The mission of Instituto de Embalagens is to coordinate and conduct studies, courses, meetings and training sessions that contribute to improving the skills of professionals who work with packaging.Since the creation of the KIT de Referências de Embalagens (Packaging Reference KIT) ,our first educational material, Instituto de Embalagens has already published 17 books. It also conducted more than 70 courses and 100 events, and trained about 8000 professionals.

We also developed the Clube da Embalagem (Packaging Club) website that brings pieces of news, guide of suppliers, job
opportunities, among other information.

In addition, we maintain the international website www.betterpackagingbetterworld.com, as the bilingual book collection Better Packaging Better World moves quickly around the world.

The Instituto de Embalagens’ staff continues to gather updated information by participating in congresses, national and international exhibitions and research projects worldwide.

Then, such knowledge is multiplied through our panels and seminars beyond the Brazilian borders. Especially with the “Packaging on the Road” training program, Instituto de Embalagens brings packaging knowledge to professionals in several
Brazilian cities.

We also prepare reports, surveys, lectures and customized courses for companies interested in training their employees and clients.

With all of this, Instituto de Embalagens is taking its belief to the whole world:

Better Packaging. Better World.